Friday, June 27, 2008

Marketing stratagies #2

I know it takes money to make money.. but when is it to much to handle. You need money for samples, for advertisement, for gas, for logos, web sites, business cards, flyer's, etc etc... the list goes on. So what can you to cut down the cost. This is what i did may not be the best for you but its working for me.

- Some times you have to take a lost to get ahead.

- Take how much you have to invest (ie: 50 dollars, 100 dollars, 1000 dollars, or 0 dollars) and take 10-25% off it and figure out what you can do with it.

- Utilize your free resources, online classifieds, friends sites, any thing.

- Barter. You may know some one that needs a gift for a wedding and you can provide that, and they can provide design, or printing. use it.

- Find companies that specialize in small, new business. they are more likely to work with you. And take there time and answer questions that you may have, no matter how silly they are.

-Ask around, ask for help. other small business can give you advice what they have learned, who they have worked with.

Just remember never give up, and ask for help if you need it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

clearing my mind...

-every day is unique. Each day pose something new and exciting to challenge your mind. With new challenges you grow, inside and out. mentally you feel drained but the next time It comes at you you will know what to do or at least what not to do.

- I have a new addiction.. its plurking.. make new friends, and type... where iming meets blogging.. lol...

- I so wish my car was working so i can get out the house and explore, go to the park with the kids, have fun, meet other adults.. but the car not letting me.. oh well till it get fixed...

- new designs are coming soon.. I get ideas form any where ... looking at trees, having a conversation, anything.. you never know what some ones mind can do.


- Its OK to ask for help the worse that someone could say is no.

- don't take ask before doing it.. even if its a flower off your neighbors plant you never know they may say yes go ahead..

Friday, June 20, 2008

Marketing strategies #1

When having a business we consider several things, what to sell/to do to make money, how much can i bring in, and where to start. Once you know what your going to do you need to consider things, location, online, how much money to invest, just general where to start. As I learn from personal experience, trials, and others people, what works and doesn't, and i will share them with you so you can have success in what you do.

My marketing strategies for this week is love what you do. If you love what you do and is passionate about what you sell you will make sales. You are also marketing yourself along with your product. If you don't like what you do, don't do it. It will show in your work, your customer service, and in your sales. People just doesn't by your product because of the price , they buy partly because of you. So if you are not passionate, love what you do then fine something else that you are passionate, and love to do.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Other ways to help the charity of the mth

Not good at guessing.. that's OK. maybe you need something for a gift... a diaper cake, a gift basket, need note cards, party favors anything. I will be adding more Items for sale and with the purchase of these items 1-8 cans of food will be donated to the food bank of NC.

What is the goal $100- 200 pieces of food. You can also take a guess with out paying the dollar ( local only) if you are close to me you can fill out the guess form and donate food directly to me.. there plenty of ways to help...

Help me help them

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mommy Happy!!!

So last night was pizza night in my house didnt feel like cooking. The kids was hungry-- got tomato sauce everywere... but on me.. what did i have on a white tee shirt, something i normally dont wear because i have his with messy hands-- moms know what i mean--. Ate dinner do sauce on me WOHOO... got the kids out the chair and i still didnt get anything on my shirt... WOHOO... I felt so proud... Mommy Happy. I HAVE A WHITE NON STAINED SHIRT... Now that something to to make anyone

Monday, June 2, 2008

Charity of the month

The other day while i was watching the new, they were doing a story about the food bank of NC. They mentioned that there have been a rise in people need food, and not that many donations coming in especially in the summer. In the summer there is more of an increase of people needing food because the kids are out of school. As the story was told something in my heart needed to do something, but i didn't know what. Every mth I donate proceeds from a certain item sold to a charity of choose. But this needs more then that, Its need Us, you and I to making a donation of a $1.00 or more to make this successful.

This mth charity of the month will work a little different. You have a change to win prizes worth over $50.00.
Click the link below to get started.

Thank for you for all your help