Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Playing Catch up

well lately i have been playing catch up, cleaning, work, SLEEP.. yup the last one is a big one. The kids are awake all the time it seems, or just trying to get things done cuts into sleep time. the joy of working from home with your own business. if it means $$ you do it.

So in my week of catching up blogging is one if them.

I have sent out my first wave of newsletters last week and have gotten good responses from it. If you haven't received it and you would like too.. the link is on my blog...
<-------------- over there-- so please sign up I send it out once every 3 mths, have more then sales, it have good stuff.. so just take the time and read it .. if after a couple of issues you dont like it you can unsubscribe. but i hope you dont.

I have also Did the LLL- A family A fair on sat. went very well. Met some greet people, and business owners also. I met the owner of Smart Momma in Raleigh, GREAT STUFF... LOVE IT. I also met another vendor who told me about a christian comedian going to be in Durham in sept. have the sheet... but you may want to look it up... sound like fun..

well back to work for me.. will update some more later.. as i said im playing catch up...lol

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Yes saturday im doing the lll a family a fair at bond park in cary. Im getting items together for sale, getting my book together, making sure things are in order. so along with it i have my newsletter going out. and i designing that, and then im trying to make money in the mean time.. it tell ya...lol..

but first wave went out.. If you havent sign up for the newsletter do so.. great info in there. the link is on the side where it say submit e-mail address