Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It spoke to me-- womenade

Sometimes things will speak to you. Weather its a dream or if its something someone ask you about. Recently, I was asked if i wanted to do a couple of holiday bazaar / sales/hay day what ever you want to call it, and one of them really spoke to me. It was the Womanade Holiday Bazaar. There vision--"Through Womenade, the gap will be bridged to eliminate suffering among women in crisis." I think that is a great idea. please read more at there site

Also Visit the Holiday Bazaar Nov. 15, 2008--Take advantage of this all-in-one shopping opportunity, featuring local crafters and small businesses. Come shop with us to support local business and help Womenade serve local women in need at the same time.

I was hoping to part of it and sell some of my stuff in there but i don't have the income to do it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

your voice

So i know i have MIA lately, things here have been a little crazy, from personal life to business. I promise i will come by and send a message.. Any who, With all the politics talk, i feel i should way in a little. I don't care who you vote for JUST VOTE!!! let your voice be heard. From local to president you need to heard counted. No matter your political belief stand up and tell how you feel.

I made a button you can add to your website, my space, or what ever.. feel free to use it.. just make sure it keeps my website on there..

this size is 150x150 if you need a different size feel free to contact me at and ask for another size. AND YES ITS FREE