Thursday, November 5, 2009

who would of thought

who would of thought getting busy designing would reek havoc on updating my website. I have so much i want to do on there including adding new products, adding a shopping cart.. but boy i tell having kids, being homemaker and running a business, WOW.. anyone whos is the same situation prayer to you all.. i think i need a day to my self that i can sleep, and then work on my site, then sleep.. and work and sleep again.. ok add eat in there.. anywho.. it will be done soon.. i vow..

Monday, November 2, 2009

Have you been keeping up...

have you been keeping up with No?? well you should be. I am I'm the process of updating my site offline and trying to get everything on there, all the diaper cakes, cards, logos, every thing i have done. Its hard but i need to be able to show off the great work i have been doing. I have been updating my facebook page for giftsforallnc so you can go there and see some of the new diaper cakes, new holiday photo cards, logos.. you name it. . Don't forget to become a fan and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter. Great specials will be coming out and you want to be able to get the discounts and chances for freebies.. Don't miss out.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How to remove labels from a jar

I know if you look all over the Internet there's this and that, use this soak this, use lighter fluid.. etc.. all great but since i can only speak about what i used i thought i share.

what you will need

Tea kettle

wooden clothes pin


rubbing alcohol if needed

here is what i did. I took the water and filled up the tea kettle and let it boil. Once it was boiling it was time to work. you know that little hole that the steam comes out that is going to be your tool to help take it off.

Warning: please be careful water is very hot and can burn

take the clothes pin grab the end of the label and allow a burst of stem to hit the label to and start pulling gently. The stem will loosen the glue and allow the labels to come off easily. and there you of the label is off. but if for some odd reason the glue is still on there.. use the edge of the clip and push it off ( if that make since) . but if you take it slow you will have very little or no glue left on the jar.

I Had to do this on plastic jars with the product still in it so i wanted to make sure that it was kept safe, clean and didn't compromise the integrity of the product.

hope this help you. if there is any questions feel free and ask.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What to name my new wedding programs?

yes i know i can just list it as wedding programs but its not the same. All my items have a name to it. and this time i just went brain dead. So im calling on my people ( you guys) to help me.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

is it ever ok to give up??? repost

So I was out this weekend and taking to a lady that was a group outing, and she was very talented . and we were talking and she mentioned that sometimes she want to give up cause shes not getting the sales she need to keep it going, and then she get sales not much and then get praises from the customers and thats why she does it because people love the work. and we keep on talking. I completely understand what she means. I too have my days of wanting to give up, not continue, then i make a couple of sales. I guess god is like -I gave you this, use it.. your not giving up till i tell you too. So I remember that i posted a blog a while back about is it ok to ever give up. i wanted to repost it.

Is it ever ok to just give up???
Is it ever OK to just give up? That's a question that i ask myself every day. Should i just give up being a sahm? Should i give up trying to be build my business? Should i give up being me? NO NEVER... the whole point of life is to grow and succeed. To me even if its a micro mini step in the positive is a Big step to success, One step to my goal, One more reason not to give up.Things to remember for not give up.- You are you! good, bad ,what ever. Love yourself and love life even in the time of sorrow.- Know that there is always someone in your corner. May not be financially but someone is there.- Prays are only a word, a key, a call away. Sometime we may need a pray to keep us going. That's OK, as long as you don't give up.-Last but not lease, You have a dream, a goal, a talent, Don't let it go to waste.If anyone can learn anything from me NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Every day is a chance

every day is a chance for me to be the change, it starts with me. even with no money i can help. help by holding a door, help a lady check out, share coupons with a stanger, offer my skills for someone that need it. If i have and i can share i will. Only if more people can do that. I saw a guy not even willing to help a lady helping who pushing a lady in a wheel chair uhhh why couldnt he.. i helped her with two kids one on the hip other to the side. shes like as many times as i have taken them to the doctor no one has offered to help me except the nurses.. you are very nice. I didnt do it for a thanks just to make things easier on her. The small things make a big diffrence.