Wednesday, April 22, 2009

is it ever ok to give up??? repost

So I was out this weekend and taking to a lady that was a group outing, and she was very talented . and we were talking and she mentioned that sometimes she want to give up cause shes not getting the sales she need to keep it going, and then she get sales not much and then get praises from the customers and thats why she does it because people love the work. and we keep on talking. I completely understand what she means. I too have my days of wanting to give up, not continue, then i make a couple of sales. I guess god is like -I gave you this, use it.. your not giving up till i tell you too. So I remember that i posted a blog a while back about is it ok to ever give up. i wanted to repost it.

Is it ever ok to just give up???
Is it ever OK to just give up? That's a question that i ask myself every day. Should i just give up being a sahm? Should i give up trying to be build my business? Should i give up being me? NO NEVER... the whole point of life is to grow and succeed. To me even if its a micro mini step in the positive is a Big step to success, One step to my goal, One more reason not to give up.Things to remember for not give up.- You are you! good, bad ,what ever. Love yourself and love life even in the time of sorrow.- Know that there is always someone in your corner. May not be financially but someone is there.- Prays are only a word, a key, a call away. Sometime we may need a pray to keep us going. That's OK, as long as you don't give up.-Last but not lease, You have a dream, a goal, a talent, Don't let it go to waste.If anyone can learn anything from me NEVER GIVE UP!!!!