Friday, April 29, 2011

Personalized Mealtime Tableware

Make Mealtime and Gift Giving Fun, with Personalized Melamine Plates, Bowls, Trays, and Platters. From characters to animal print, from full names to initials personalize it to fit you. These Personalized Mealtime Tableware makes a great bridal shower, Christmas, thanksgiving, wedding, anniversary, or anytime Gift. Hear are some Great examples.

Alphabet Plate

Orange you square Personalized Platter 
Blue and white interlocking personalized melamine Tray

Order your custom creation today!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Having a Baby Shower? where to start? Pt 2

Just a recap, you have picked out your location, selected your invitations from giftsforallnc , and now you ready to go, OK well almost.  Do you have your addresses ready to go, do you plan on labeling or writing your address on the envelopes?  When you order your Invitations from us, save some time and purchase your return address printed on the envelopes, save you time.  We also offer labels (will be online soon).    OK now we are ready to move on. 

You have invited all these lovely people to your party, what are you going to do?  Decorations are a big part to any party, the atmosphere sets the mood of the party. Customized printable party packs (will be online soon) by giftsforallnc makes a party statement just for you.   Can be personalized to you with your name, baby name, match the invitations.   You can also have matching water bottle labels, candy wrappers, thank you cards, food labels and banner to name a few. 

What about food?  Depending on the time and location of your party food is important.  You can have basic finger food, chips, dip, veggie platter, fruit platter, Drinks, Cake, and maybe some meat rolls.  I always liked to feed my guest.  I hate for someone to come and leave because they are hungry.  What did i serve at mine?  There was a veggie and fruit platter, party meat balls (meat balls made with 1/2 jelly 1/2 BBQ sauce) sounds funny but very good, chicken wings, red rice and beans.  Its a party a celebration and that's what i wanted it to be.  It a chance to be with family and friends.  Did i mention Cake and Drinks.  One of my favorite drinks was a virgin strawberry daiquiri, easy to make easy to enjoy. 

You have the food, basic decorations this one big one.. a Centerpiece.  what about a Diaper Cake? A Diaper Cake not only doubles and a centerpiece but makes a great gift for a mom.  You can fill it up with lotion, soaps, you name it.  We specialize in Matching your theme, so if there is an idea, a style you want to match please just let us know. 

You are now on your way to having a perfect baby shower.  If at anytime you don't feel like planning hire a party planner, let them do all the hard work for you.  Here is a great one to use .

Stay tune for Part 3, party favors finalizing. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Having a Baby Shower? where to start? Pt 1

Its not everyday that you can celebrate a new life coming into your life.  I doesn't have to be your baby it can be a friends, a sisters, cousins who ever every baby deserves to be celebrated.  So, where do you start?  Start with a date.  about 6-8 weeks before the baby is due is about a good time.   About 36 weeks a mom usually want to pick up the last min items that they still need to bring the baby home.  Saturday or Sunday are generally good days.  once you know the date decide on location.  Good places to have them, at a home, a Private room at a restaurant, or a hall. 

Now that you have the location and date.. Its time to think of themes and order invitations.  Here are some great ideas. 

Now that you have selected your baby shower invitation from Gifts for all NC now its time to plan everything else.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

welcome 2011

Welcome to 2011, this year has started with a big ol bang.. new invitations, new design, one yr for the new design.  I have a huge list of things i want to do this yr so stay with us.  Dont forget to join our mailing list. here are some of our new designs.

BBQ Party Invitation
Engagement Martini Bridal shower Invitations
A Little Birdy Baby Shower invitation
Toy Story inspired birthday invitation

photo engagement save the date
30th birthday retro- electronics birthday invitation

Sweet 16 birthday invitation, Pink Carpet Birthday invitation

Icecream social birthday invitation
Ladybug birthday invitation