Monday, November 18, 2013

Staying Safe this holiday season PT 1-- Parking Lot PSA!!!

Just a little PSA for today. I love you guys and I want your holiday season to be as safe as possible. In the last 2 day I have seen 6 parking lot accidents most involved backing up vehicles. Please look both ways as you are backing up, if you need to beep the horn do so. Also if you are walking towards a vehicle that is backing up, please stop looking at your phone, hold your kids hands and safe. If you are driving threw the parking lot and you see someone is backing up, please don't cut them off and keep going stop, let them back up. Oh and though most pedestrians wait for you to go, some don't, be careful. I know I have more but this is a big thing, Its a parking lot there is no need to go 50 miles an hr in the parking lot.

What I am really saying with all of this is be safe this holiday season, the store isn't a mobile store so it is not moving. Take your time and enjoy the season.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Today's Challenge 5/7/2013

Have you ever done a Today's challenge before? No? Will here is your chance. As a business owner, mom, human(of course-i think :D) I think a today's challenge is needed now more then ever. There has been so much bad going on lately why not do something good, nice, a growth. Yes I said growth. Why did I, mainly becuase everything we do makes us grow spritally, mentally, etc. May 7,2013 I challenge you guys to join in on "Today's Challenge". Today's challenge is Help someone without getting anything in return. Here are some ideas - Hold a door for someone - Help a friend - Offer to take a shopping cart to the carousel for them - Give your seat on the bus or train to someone who is standing The possibilities are endless. What would you do for Today's Challenge?

Monday, April 29, 2013

It's a giveaway.. are you ready

Yes i come back and it's time for a giveaway.. SO MUCH FUN..  Here is yor chance to win a 10 - 4.25 x 5.5 folded notecards.. 

Happy Giveaway!!! all entries must be in by may,18,2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

I am Back.. Thank You

Gasp, shake your head in disbelief, take a double take ,pass out, grab the phone say she back, yes, you see it correctly,  a post. I know its been a long time since i have done a blog post,and no I haven't been neglecting the business by no means in fact I have been growing (will explain a little more later).  Over the past two years there have been a lot of changes both personal and business a like that kinda making upcoming changes.   OK yes that made no since.. OK..   lets try this..  In the mits of my crazy life with a newborn and other kiddos (who doesn't have one of those right) decided to go back to school and get my degree in web graphic design DONE, and now I'm almost done with my BA in  multimedia design degree. Fast forward, with relocation's, and some life in there, kids, designing life has been full of surprises. I love what I do, I love you guys, you are the reason why I went back to school.  I had enough of you ask me "why don't you do web design?", I need this, you do this.. get where i am going..  And now we are here the present.

How you fit in the family

I Love it when I have seen your kids grow up in photos from ultrasound photos to now they 6 years old graduating kindergarten.  What even better is you let me capture all those  milestone with invitations and announcements along the way.  You have let me into a part of your life year after year child after child, and it brings me to tears just to think about it, they are just like my babies. For my business customers that have called me last min sometimes two days before thing needed to be printed and said hey do you thing you can create a poster, or a flyer, or a business card ad for me and i have always came threw for you without a problem.  Because of you and your word of mouth referrals help paid for those expenses text books, every semesters, software, computer repair when needed, and to provide for my family so i can keep going.    You deserve a BIG FAT THANK YOU.  You guys are part of the family and I hope you continue to use my services.

For now I am going to come back and post more with new products, sales, or like its call "it came to me"  what ever is on my mind.  I will be here more.

Till then..