Monday, November 18, 2013

Staying Safe this holiday season PT 1-- Parking Lot PSA!!!

Just a little PSA for today. I love you guys and I want your holiday season to be as safe as possible. In the last 2 day I have seen 6 parking lot accidents most involved backing up vehicles. Please look both ways as you are backing up, if you need to beep the horn do so. Also if you are walking towards a vehicle that is backing up, please stop looking at your phone, hold your kids hands and safe. If you are driving threw the parking lot and you see someone is backing up, please don't cut them off and keep going stop, let them back up. Oh and though most pedestrians wait for you to go, some don't, be careful. I know I have more but this is a big thing, Its a parking lot there is no need to go 50 miles an hr in the parking lot.

What I am really saying with all of this is be safe this holiday season, the store isn't a mobile store so it is not moving. Take your time and enjoy the season.